Formit Technlogies Switzerland was founded in 2001 to incorporate the management buyout of form-o-tronic,  the producer of high-end document processing units. Thus, the supply of Swiss quality engineered and manufactured products to the international market could be continuously ensured.

Founded in 1965, form-o-tronic revolutionized the document processing industry by introducing the first continous paper cutter for true A4 format. Among other specialties, the form-o-tronic engineering created the High-Speed paper cutter “TURBO”. In 1999 the Sheet Feeder / Accumulator was born, a bottom-feeding friction feeder with OMR and BCR reading intelligence.

HCL Prototype

One of Formit’s very first projects, an innovative one in its own right, was the High Capacity Loader (HCL). Capable of A4 or letter format and loading up to 5’000 sheets, this milestone product is still in production today.

Following the integration into Inserting machines and the development of an envelope feeder, Formit introduced PROVE-it in 2004. The PROcess VErification System incorporates Input and Output scanning and sports an industry first physical exit scanning for small and medium processing systems. With PROVE-it, Formit CEO and President Andres Rüdisühli sidestepped into security systems, a field he is extensively familiar with, having spent a fair amount of years as R&D manager at Kaba security systems Switzerland. Building on the first generation A4 Sheet Feeder / Accumulator, Formit redesigned and improved the previous construction drastically when creating the Universal Formit Feeder (UFF). The new generation Feeder achieves speeds of 3m/s, which leads to it peaking at just over 18’000 sheets per hour. This new design considerably heightened performance and flexibility, thus boosting productivity. Supporting the fact that this model has a wide array of applications, is the possibility for a host of personalized custom solutions which Formit personally undertakes to customer satisfaction.


2008 proved to be a technologically and economically fruitful year for the Formit Technologies enterprise. Among other developments, a Visa-Feeder for security printing solutions saw completion and the UFF project yielded hundreds of units shipped. After developments of sheet and card feeders (with each respectable speeds of 45’000 sheets/h) for application in the Newspaper printing industry, we’re looking into the future with a new check- feeder for bank applications in the starting blocks.Another innovation, this feeder employs enhanced brushless motors to achieve top speeds of 30’000 sheets/h and up as well as as extended motor performance. Projected for release later this year, the Formit check feeder is a customizable solution to be reckoned with in the future world of document processing.

The Formit Technologies engineering team is looking forward to developing tailored solutions for your specific requirements.


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